Seratone’s name comes the French and Spanish word “SERA” (what will be) and the word “TONE”, which is a musical or vocal sound’s pitch, quality, and strength.

Our name is also derived from the neurotransmitter “serotonin”. To give you a brief understanding of it, reduced levels of serotonin in the brain create problems like excessive worry, anxiety, or depression and hampers its working power. Fifty million brain cells are affected by the levels of serotonin.  Music effects a steep rise in the levels of serotonin,  which has positive influences on brain cells controlling mood. Thus, music is often used to treat anxiety disorders.

We understand that getting the best performance and sound quality on your recordings is your priority, because it’s also ours. Comfort is the key to performance, and that philosophy is what Seratone is built on. Place your project in our hands for a reliable and professional, great sounding result.

Located in Griffintown next to Notre Dame street, steps away from a 24-hour convenience store, cafe’s & restaurants, a supermarket, and just a few blocks from Lucien L’Allier metro station. With nearly no traffic on this tiny side-street, you’ll be sure to get the peace and quiet you need to focus on your recordings.

Our aim is to cater to your audio needs. Whether it’s for a single, an album, Voice-Over, or whatever recording you need to do, we’ll put you at ease and capture you at your best. See the “SERVICES” section for more detailed information.